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  • me: I should write my dcbb.
  • me: *opens document*
  • me: *stares at it*
  • me: *stares out into space*
  • me: *closes document*
  • me: ye

also, my cousin’s husband who thinks that it’s cool that I’m a girl and I listen to the beatles, and queen, and the doors sent me an e-mail this morning and he was like, I know you listen to those bands, but it’s time to expand your mind and listen to these two artists. he sent me an elton john song and a billy joel song. LOL. 

pretty sure last night I dreamt dean was pregnant with benny’s baby. LOL.

omg no no no. I can’t ever look at shit from swan song. it makes me feel like my heart is in my butt and I can’t deal with those feelings ever. no thx.